SKAL Club of Prague - regular luncheon

Skål International Prague

“Club No. 626” was founded on October 18, 1995 as the first in the former communist countries of Central Europe.

At present, Skål International Prague has members from all fields of the tourism industry. They belong among directors or managers of major tourism companies within the international markets (hotels, airlines, travel agents, travel media etc.).


To support the interpersonal relations of our club members, regular events always the last Thursday of each month are being organized. Except of July, which is the only month without an official regular or special event. In June we have our traditional Summer BBQ event, and highlight of the year is always the Christmas Gala Dinner in December, with a charity raffle. These events usually take place in one of our member establishments (hotels/restaurants).

For our regular monthly events, we are inviting interesting guest-speakers.

Since our primary goal is “Doing Business Among Friends”, the networking part of our activities is an absolute priority for our Club.


An inseparable part of a healthy club is also supporting the Young SKÅL chapter. Students of tourism related fields until the age of 27 have special opportunities. They can make use of the club’s offers and facilities to successfully graduate and become a valuable part of the tourism business.


  • Heinz Reigl – President
  • Marie Ranišová – Treasurer
  • Karel Zelený – Secretary General
President Heinz Reigl - SKAL International Prague

President Skål International Prague

Mr. Heinz Reigl

SKÅL Prague Monthly Luncheons

SKAL Club of Prague - regular luncheons

As already mentioned, networking is something we believe to be one of the most important advantages within Skål International. Therefore, we in Prague are organizing regular luncheons, always the last Thursday in the month. These events are formal and usually held at our member facilities. Very popular for those events are guest-speakers. It’s our aim to invite interesting people from all branches, not only tourism.

Upcoming Events

SKÅL Prague Special Events

SKAL International Prague - Summer BBQ

Besides our regular meetings, we have also special events within the year. One is the informal Summer BBQ in June, also for friends or spouses of our members. And the other is the Christmas Gala Dinner in December (for friends and spouses, too), which starts very formal and usually ends up as a great party. In addition, we are organizing several ad-hoc events like bowling evenings, etc.

Past Events

September 2021 Luncheon

Our Skal Prague September 2021 luncheon at the Aquapalace Hotel Prague was an unforgettable event.

July 2021 Dinner Cruise

July is usually a meeting-free month for our Skal Prague Club – but we had some fun during a Skal Prague Dinner Cruise 2021.

June 2021 Summer BBQ

Our traditional Skal Prague Summer BBQ in June was held in the garden of NH Prague City. And it was a very pleasant event with our guests.