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Attendance: 1

Our AGA 2021 will be held online!
We have sent out the invitation to your e-mail.

June 2021 Summer BBQ – CITY TERRACE NH Prague

NH Hotel Prague City Mozartova 261/1, Prague
Attendance: 31

Traditional Summer BBQ event in a known location, yet completely different. This event is for club members +1 pax (spouse or friend).

August Monthly Luncheon

Penta Hotel Prague Sokolovská 112, Praha 8
Attendance: 12

Guest Speaker: Albert Van Veen As Chief Digital Officer, Albert van Veen build a track record in Banking (ING, Moneta) , Airport (Schiphol) and Transport (TNT). His key skills and experience are in Digital Transformation, Cloud, Data and the implementation of Agile IT organizations.  Based on his experience with Digital Transformation in ING and Moneta […]